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Moose's pub is located in the sleepy beach town of Bang Niang. Widely known as Khao Lak. The area was selected for many reasons. First and foremost, Khao Lak is still off of the tourist radar (for how long, we don't know). High traffic tourism and overcrowding are not among our problems. We suffer from pristine and empty beaches with clean and shallow waters. The sandy west facing coastline boasts some of the most spectacular sunsets many will ever see.

To the north lies Takuapa old town. For most that visit, Takuapa will be a jumping off point to Phangnga province's crowning jewels: The Similian and Surin islands. More on this unique paradise in our activities section.

East of Khao Lak is essentially undeveloped save for a few villages, golf courses, and inland resorts. Lush tropical jungles, waterfalls, and caves dot spectacular national parks all the way to Phangnga town.

South, down the coast is rural Thai until just north of the bridge to Phuket Island. Natai Beach amounts to a small grouping of resorts and private residences geared towards the western market.

Khuekkhak Beach, Thailand
Bangsak Beach, Thailand
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