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As much as we'd like you to cozy up in one of Moose's booths and drink Guinness all day. The Khao Lak area has far too much natural beauty and fun activities to do so. 


The Similian and Surin islands are nothing short of spectacular. So spectacular, visiting was once off limits unless you were a member of the royal family. Fast forward a couple decades, the Thai government has taken action to preserve the natural splendor of this archipelago. Visitor numbers are limited and the islands are completely closed from May to October. Moose's Pub fully supports sustainable tourism and actively participates in maintenance and rehabilitation product projects around the Phangnga Province. While famous for diving you don't need a PADI certificate to enjoy the islands. Many come simply for the scenery, snorkeling, fishing, and to soak up some sun on the isolated beaches. 


Back on the mainland, there are many waterfalls, rivers, hiking trails, and viewpoints to explore. All easily accessible from the main town. Check out the tsunami memorial museum or play a round at the Anchor Temple themed mini golf course. Mind your swing on the eighth hole. It's a tough one!


The beaches, oh the beaches! Another main reason Moose's Pub had to be located in Khao Lak is the beaches. The kilometers and kilometers of palm fringed beaches kissing the clear blue waters of the Andaman Sea look straight off of a postcard. You will not find jet skis or speedboats buzzing around these bays. So peaceful and tranquil... It truly is paradise. Occasional beach parties. And the annual surfing competition in early October adds a little spice to the community.

Koh Kho Khao Thailand
Surin Islands Thailand

We are fortunate to have two night markets in town. The Bang Niang market, open Monday, Wednesday, and Friday is a short walk away from Moose's front door. Build market is open Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. It is about one kilometer north of Moose's across from the main reservoir. Similar to most Thai communities, we have a morning fresh market. Local produce, meat, and fish can be found here along with basic houseware items. Not only is this a great spot to source fresh fruit, it offers a glimpse into authentic Thai lifestyle. Highly recommended, the morning market is behind the 7-eleven just past the Andaman Hub hospital.


Lastly, every few months, a roving market comes to town complete with carnival games and rides for the kids. It is set up in a small field on the south side of Bang Niang town. 


This is not an exhaustive list of all the fun activities in Khao Lak. Bamboo rafting is a mellow way to spend a few hours. The elephant camp puts a smile on everybody's face and Moose's Pub will always support local small businesses like massage shops and tour operators.

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